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The curriculum vitae for students is crucial. The HR managers and recruiters in the company are most interested in him – regardless of whether you are applying for a vacation job or an apprenticeship position. Because you still have little work experience as a student, you have to set different accents. Hobbies, interests and additional knowledge gain in important.

CV Students: Tips

The curriculum vitae for students is basically no different from any other applicant’s resume. As a student, you should bear in mind that personnel decision-makers in companies usually do not take as much time for an application. You just don’t get enough of it. A recruiter usually doesn’t have more than two to five minutes to leaf through your documents. That is why clarity is so important. The tabular curriculum vitae offers exactly that: It is clear, clear and structured. Unless you have made no effort to create it … An alternative to the tabular CV is the detailed CV in continuous text or a handwritten CV. Both are allowed, but nowadays they are almost a rarity. Only choose one of these two forms if the company expressly requests it.

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Student curriculum vitae: content

Students usually lack one thing: work experience. Your professional life has not even started, which is why your résumé may not be so extensive. However, that does not mean that you have to hand in a half-blank sheet of paper when you apply. If professional experience is missing, interests and personal strengths, for example, can come to the fore. A curriculum vitae for students consists of these elements:

  1. application photo

    The application photo is incredibly important – perhaps even more important for students than for other applicants. Because whether young people are motivated or listless, wide awake or bullied, you can sometimes tell by the tip of their nose – or at least you think you’re looking at them. And: if there is a lack of experience, every other aspect of the application becomes more important – and with it the appearance. That is why it can justifiably be said: Appearance plays a bigger role with younger applicants than with older ones. You don’t have to approve of this finding, but you shouldn’t ignore it completely either. You should therefore attach great importance to your application photo, clothing and hairstyle. Open your mouth slightly and smile – that makes you more personable in the photo.

  2. Contact details

    Suppose the employer wants to invite you to an interview and then notices that he cannot find any contact information from you in the application documents. Bad! Also because it looks untidy and chaotic. And your employer doesn’t want to hire a slob. So please don’t forget your current (!) Contact details in your application. Include your address, telephone number and e-mail address in the header or in the middle of the field – depending on how much space you have available. Remember: your résumé should above all be clear. Please do not squeeze everything together, but guide the reader over the sheet. Also very important: choose a reputable email address. Preferably one that includes your name. For example like this: [email protected] If you don’t already have the appropriate address, register it. In any case, it is important to keep away from funny or slippery e-mail addresses such as [email protected] or [email protected]

  3. Personal data

    In addition to the contact details and your full name, place of birth, nationality, religious denomination and marital status are of interest. Why? For example, if you are applying to a company in your place of birth, this can be an argument for you. They know the region and what makes its people tick. If you apply at the other end of Germany, it could be just as beneficial because it signals mobility. You are ready to move for your dream job – a plus. Concerning citizenship: If you have German or another EU citizenship, there are definitely no problems for your employer with a work permit. With other foreign passports, it is not always so secure. The denomination, in turn, can be very important for certain employers. For example, if you apply to a church organization, you should definitely not withhold it. The religious denomination is no longer one of the mandatory information in the application – just like the marital status. You can safely leave it out – especially since most students and young professionals are likely to be single anyway.

  4. School education

    Make a neat list here of all schools that you have attended or are currently attending. Gymnasium, comprehensive school, secondary and/or secondary school, elementary school. In the left column is the period, in the right the name and location of the school. Example:

    • 09 / 2015-08 / 2019 Erich-Kästner-Grundschule Berlin

    The final grade also finds its place here. Example:

    • 09/2015 – 08/2019 Astrid-Lindgren-Gymnasium Hamburg
    • 08/2019 General higher education entrance qualification, Abitur grade: 2.5

    Tip: If your grade is less presentable (for example 3.7), discreetly drop it under the table.

  5. Internships

    Internships are special in CV for students worth gold. No employer likes to hire someone for whom the world of work is still unfamiliar territory. Therefore, include every internship that you have ever completed on your resume – regardless of employer, industry and period. This also includes one-week trial internships. If you have internship references, attach the copies or upload them. Never send originals! Completed internships signal to an employer that the applicant was already committed in his youth and was not lazy. However, there are of course also scenarios in which you can or should discreetly conceal an internship. For example, if you (for whatever reason) received a miserable internship certificate. Or if you have sat in on a shady company that has been involved in criminal activities. But these should be absolute exceptions.

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  6. Interests and knowledge

    This point comes in the curriculum vitae for students of great importance to it. With many work stations and work experience, you cannot grow up at your age, so you have to convince with your personality, skills and knowledge. Foreign language skills, for example, bring plus points. Have you spent a school year abroad or are you learning several foreign languages ​​at school? Or do they have two or even three mother tongues? Then be sure to include it in your student résumé! EDP ​​skills and IT skills are also relevant these days – in almost every job. If you have been interested in computers from an early age, then include that in your application. Examples:

    • SEO know-how
    • good knowledge of Microsoft Office
    • experienced handling of social media
    • Basic knowledge of Python and Java

    Hobbies and interests should also not be missing from your résumé. They allow conclusions to be drawn about the personality of an applicant. Team sports, for example, stand for teamwork and cooperation, reading for curiosity, meeting friends for a strong social streak. It’s best to stick to the truth. But don’t use expressions like hanging out with friends or going out drinking. That sounds – well – slightly anti-social. The formulation is also important. Example: It is better not to write playing computer games as a hobby. Rather: simulations and strategy games (even if you actually much prefer playing first-person shooters). The truth is then a bit flexible … Last but not least, you can also state your favorite subjects. But only do this if they are related to the job. Maths goes very well with a commercial apprenticeship, for example, and English, French, Spanish and/or German go well with a foreign language correspondent. Anyone who wants to become a fitness trainer should like to have been an enthusiastic school athlete.

  7. End

    Finally, don’t forget the place and date. It’s not complicated and looks like this:

    • Cologne, October 10, 2020

    This point is more important than You might believe. If the date is missing, the recruiter might think that you simply pulled out an old application. Negative! The handwritten signature, in turn, stands for originality and credibility. These elements complete the curriculum vitae for students. With that he is complete. Read more about it here: Why do I have to sign the curriculum vitae?

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