Application sins: These are the 10 biggest

Application sins cannot be counted on two hands. There are inappropriate clothes and dog-ears in the folder. Sometimes punctuality is stuck or the handshake is limp as a dead herring. But don’t worry: not every faux pas immediately puts you out of the way. But if there is one mistake after another, the air becomes even thinner for you than on Mount Everest.

The biggest-application-sins

Every Jeck is different. And yet we humans all think very similarly. The same aspects in an application are usually also important to personnel decision-makers. And other behavioral patterns piss them off.

If someone shows up for the interview or incorporates a lot of misspellings and typing errors in the cover letter, nobody applauds.

That is why it is legitimate to hear from general application sins to speak. Mistakes that applicants should definitely not make if they really want the job.

The first-person perspective is such an application sin. Applicants should try to take the company’s perspective and briefly take off their own glasses. Ultimately, the question that needs to be answered is what advantages would the employer have from being employed? The fact that you promise yourself a brisk company car and the chic corner office is not incredibly convincing.

However, one can argue about whether we are dealing with a classic application sin here have to do. Because only a few applicants actually manage to change perspective. A strong handshake, however, does. If you fail to do this, you will fall directly behind the competition.

One of the clear application sins is incorrect information in the application documents.

If the name of the contact person is misspelled, this shows a lack of care. Or if the data suggests that the application has already been sent to other companies in the same form. Or if spelling errors indicate a lack of basic knowledge.

A small aside: Even if you are not an ace in German, you should at least subject the text to a spelling and grammar check on the computer. In this way you can at least eliminate the grossest mistakes.

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Application sins and their consequences

If an application sin means the immediate end for the applicant?

It depends. For example, if you include two typing errors or more in your application letter, you can forget about the job. If you make two typos, most HR managers lose their tolerance for mistakes, according to a survey our sister site career bible .

At the same time, certain application sins weigh more heavily in some professions and industries:

  • Anyone who qualifies as An editor advertises, but is obviously at war with German grammar, probably has bad cards. In a craft business, on the other hand, you don’t have to be a language genius.
  • Anyone who goes to the Bank introduces, commits (despite all modernization attempts of the financial institutions) a strategic error. In the advertising agency, he or she will definitely be better received.
  • Anyone who sends an application that can easily be identified as a mass application is out of the running. Unless he applies in deficient occupations such as software developer or AI specialist. Then he can probably take a lot more out of himself …

It’s like in court: the individual case decides. Industry and company, framework conditions, the type of application sins and the density of errors are relevant. Several small mistakes outweigh several large ones. A small one is less bad than a large one – actually logical.

But it would be best not to make any mistakes and not commit any application sins. Granted, that sounds aloof and not at all contemporary. After all, the zeitgeist likes fuck-up nights and the buzzword of error culture. That’s okay too. But honestly, you will still have enough time and opportunities in your job to make mistakes.

Just save the mistakes for everyday work – and stay clean and error-free in the application process. Because now it depends: A serious faux pas and you are out.

The truth also includes: In some situations mistakes are unforgivable. Pilots, surgeons or circus performers know what is meant.

But to clarify again: One or more application sins do not have to mean the end for you as an applicant.

On the one hand, the HR manager may not weigh them as heavily as you do. On the other hand, you can iron out and make up for mistakes in the course of the interview …


  1. Spelling mistakes

    Yes, spelling mistakes. Check your application documents meticulously for spelling and grammatical errors before you send them off. You can also have friends proofread or use your word processor’s built-in assistant. Otherwise, doubts could arise about your accuracy and maybe even your intellectual abilities. Typos are one of the biggest application sins – maybe even the biggest.

    Also, avoid long tapeworms and box sentences. First, they are difficult to understand and second, they increase the risk of errors.

  2. Insignificance

    A popular mistake is to simply tell everything about yourself want. For fear of forgetting something important.

    No! Set highlights and don’t line up all the unimportant stations. Your greatest successes and most important stations belong on the silver platter, the rest in the garbage can.

    In this way, you also prove that you can weigh and prioritize and distinguish between the important and the irrelevant. A trait for success that should not be underestimated.

  3. Set phrases

    You want to stand out from the crowd – not be one of many. That is why empty phrases and phrases are so harmful.

    “I am highly motivated.” “I am a team player.” “I am a communicative person.” Firstly, HR managers have heard that a thousand times and, secondly, see it as a basic requirement.

    Tip: Refer exactly to the requirements from the job advertisement. If the ability to work in a team is expressly required, then at least use fewer clichés. For example like this: “I talk a lot and I like to talk. But I also like to listen to others.”

    Alternatively, a“ highly motivated ”applicant could write:“ If I’m passionate about a task – like this one – then I can hardly wait to get out of the morning Get up to the bed and drive off. “

  4. Photo

    You are not obliged to enclose an application photo with your application. Strictly speaking, omitting a photo cannot be an application sin.

    But de facto, a photo increases your prospects immensely. HR managers are only human – and want to make a face to the person described. Even if you consider yourself not very photogenic, please believe: You can take beautiful photos of anyone, really!

    You should really value professional photos. If photos are poorly made, poorly lit or possibly even blurred, this tells the recipient that you weren’t even ready to make a few euros for application photos. So the job can’t seem that important to you.

  5. Compliments

    Yes, entrepreneurs and HR professionals also occasionally want to hear what kind of thing great pike they are. Compliments in the application process bring you closer to the job – often at least.

    But please don’t overdo it. Your counterpart is not stupid: He knows exactly what you are aiming for with this scam. And if he has the feeling that you are not serious and smear honey on his beard for opportunistic reasons, then the effect quickly turns into the opposite – and becomes an application sin.

    If you slime, then only a little and as authentically as possible – and not so violently that the conversation partner slips on your slime trail.

  6. Despair

    How successful are men looking desperate in the dating portal? Right, you could basically leave it the same.

    Those who make themselves scarce make themselves desirable. Because he shows that he really doesn’t need the whole thing. These are the subtleties of psychology that applicants should also think about.

    For God’s sake, don’t flaunt your desperation. According to the motto: “Please, I absolutely need this job. I don’t get anything else. Please, please, please. ”Great application sin! No company wants to commit an emergency nail.

    By the way: It is in no way reprehensible to be confused and desperate. If you have already received dozens of rejections, the desperation barometer inevitably rises. Totally human and no shame at all! You just can’t show your desperation …

  7. Internet

    Do you do that sometimes? That you googling someone after you’ve just met them?

    Of course, HR professionals can’t ignore the Internet. It would be downright negligent to forego all the information. The IT association Bitkom has found that two out of three HR managers check applicants on social media.

    But don’t worry: wild party pictures with a beer bottle in hand are by no means no-gos. There are more important things: HR managers primarily check technical qualifications and public statements on specialist topics as well as on the company and competitors.

    And: The political views have gained significantly in importance in recent years. According to Bitkom, only four percent of recruiters were interested in this in 2015, in 2018 it was already 16 percent.

    Job Application |

  8. Understatement

    Experience has shown that many people are cautious when they return to work – or when they just come out of university. Motto: “I can’t do anything yet or have forgotten everything.” Huge mistake!

    You have acquired a great deal of knowledge, acquired hard and soft skills on the side, many large and small talents, an apprenticeship or degree and and and … Which of these can you use for the benefit of the employer? The answer to this question belongs in the application.

    Modesty, on the other hand, will not get you anywhere. If you don’t believe in yourself, why should the employer do it?

    Again, the advice: Yes, you can fake and pretend self-confidence when yours is really badly damaged. Sometimes you have to fake self-confidence to build self-confidence …

  9. Email address

    Embarrassing email addresses are a Classic among the application sins: “heissemaus123” or “partylöwe666”. But that doesn’t mean that everyone has switched to reputable addresses. Do it!

    Create a solid address with your first and last name. But not with providers from the Cretaceous Age of the Internet such as Yahoo. The really bad thing about embarrassing e-mail addresses is: They expose your complete ignorance of today’s IT world.

    Digital skills are becoming increasingly important in the world of work. But if you don’t even know the simplest of connections, your IT skills are obviously not in good shape …

  10. Time management

    That The interview is at 10 a.m. They appear at 10.17 a.m. The position is a long way off for you.

    Everyone knows that punctuality is an important virtue for employers. And unpunctuality one of the biggest sins of application. If you come late, you steal the other’s time.

    But the other way around is also dangerous. If you are on the mat by 9:30 a.m., it indicates that you have nothing else to do and that your time management is poor. So do it like a good logistician: Just in time!

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